Department of Transport, South Africa Wins 2013 Global Excellence in Case Management Award

Congratulations to our customer, Department of Transport, South Africa for winning the 2013 Global Excellence in CaseWFMC 2013 Case Management Award Management Award! This prestigious honor, co-sponsored by Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and, recognizes the Department of Transport for demonstrated excellence in implementing an innovative adaptive case management (ACM) solution.  You can check out the recorded presentation and announcement ceremony here.

The Department of Transport is responsible for the regulation of Transportation in South Africa, which includes public transport, rail transportation, civil aviation, shipping, freight and motor vehicles. By leveraging EMC Documentum xCP, the Department successfully delivered a government-wide project for electronic government (eGovernment) services and IT-enabled processes, transforming how it manages all cases in a centralized, standardized way across its five branches and 12 agencies.

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Don’t Miss ACM Live – June 27th at 11:00 am EDT

ACM Live is this week, June 27th 11:00 am – 2:30 pm EDT. You can register for the event by clicking here.

During ACM Live, Nathaniel Palmer, WfMC Executive Director and Industry Analyst, and Keith Swenson, WfMC Chairman, will take a deeper look at Adaptive Case Management (ACM) and the impact it is having on organizations.ACMLive

In the past software tools for the enterprise have focused exclusively on the process, but today organizations needed better solutions to manage the complex set of collaborative activities involving both human judgment and system interactions that are much less structured and predictable. What’s needed is a  solution that not only supports this new pattern of work, but also improves how an organization uses information to make better decisions.

ACM Live will also feature the announcement ceremony of the 3rd Annual Global Excellence in Case Management Awards at 2:00 pm EDT. There are several finalists including Department of Transport South Africa, an EMC Documentum xCP customer.

Smart Process, Smart Apps: How to Reduce Risk and Drive Better Business Outcomes

I recently finished up a Webcast on dynamic case management with and Beach Street, an EMC Partner. This Webcast showcased EMC’s approach to case management as well as a live demonstration of the new Beach Street Contracts Lifecycle Management solution. You can watch the recording by visiting the site.





Smart Process, Smart Apps

In a recent EMC Pulse blog, Rohit Gai, SVP & GM, Products and Solutions, Information Intelligence Group at EMC discusses a new report: “The Forrester WaveTM: Smart Process Applications, Q2 2013”. According to the report, “smart process applications are a new and emerging category of applications designed to help CIOs and their firms improve the effectiveness of their human-centric business activities.”

On Wednesday, I’ll be presenting on a Webcast along with our partner Beach Street, where we will be discussing this new and emerging category of smart process applications, along with detailing a couple of best-of-class examples where case management has measurably improved the performance of work and the quality of decisions. Our EMC partner, Beach Street, will also be providing a live demonstration of their new contracts lifecycle management solution. To register for the event click here.

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EMC Announces New Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution from Beach Street

EMC is pleased to announce the availability of the Beach Street Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution that delivers an end-to-end solution for automating processes throughout the contract lifecycle from creation or reception, negotiation and approval, contract renewal and closeout, and archiving.  The solution provides 360-degree view into key pending and current contracts for legal, sales, compliance officers and key decision makers.  Real-time monitoring allows for bottleneck identification and workload distribution, as well as reporting to ensure compliance.

The Beach Street solution leverages the latest releases of EMC Documentum, EMC Documentum xCP, and EMC Captiva, helping customers make effective decisions, drive better business outcomes, by managing the contracts process and drawing on information from multiple systems and sources.

Beach Street Contracts Solution


For years, Beach Street has been helping customers automate back office operations around Contracts, Financial Operations and HR Operations, with particular expertise in the Financial Services, Public Sector and Healthcare fields.  During Momentum at EMC World, EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) recognized Beach Street as 2012 North American Partner of the Year, for their work on helping clients automate their information intensive processes on EMC Documentum and EMC Captiva.

In a recent EMC Pulse blog, Rohit Gai, SVP & GM, Products and Solutions, Information Intelligence Group at EMC discusses a new report: “The Forrester WaveTM: Smart Process Applications, Q2 2013”. According to the report, “smart process applications are a new and emerging category of applications designed to help CIOs and their firms improve the effectiveness of their human-centric business activities.”

Processes like contracts management are very collaborative in nature and require human involvement with the authoring, review, and approval of contracts. The goal of using smart process applications like the Beach Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution is to increase the productivity of people actively engaged in a highly collaborative business process or set of activities.

As part of a new initiative from EMC, a select set of partner-built EMC Certified Solutions are being made available to the global market directly from EMC. The EMC Certified Beach Street solution is directly available from EMC, and more information can be found in the EMC Solution Catalog.

Five Good Reasons to Attend Momentum at EMC World 2013

EMC World 2013 is just around the corner (May 6th – 9th). In fact it is a few weeks earlier this year than in past years, which I’m happyEMC World 2013 about. In past years EMC World has either conflicted with Mother’s Day (not good) and one of my son’s birthday (also not good).

Here are just a few good reasons you should attend.

#1 – IIG educational sessions across many tracks

As in past years, you will have an opportunity to attend both business and technical sessions around the products and solutions. You’ll hear from technical experts, business partners, and customers on the new products, customer use cases, future products, and more.

There is a lot to talk about this year given the massive product launch we did back in November 2012. If you are not up to speed on what we announced here are couple postings to read.

EMC Launches Massive Wave of Content Management Products and Solutions

EMC Captiva 7.0 Now Available!

EMC Documentum xCP 2.0 is Now Available!

#2 – Complimentary consulting sessions in the Genius LabAlbert_Einstein

What’s better than talking to really smart people who are more than capable of answering your questions and providing great advice and direction on current and future projects.

#3 – Networking events to meet EMC execs, product experts and each other

All customers have feedback (good and bad). This is your chance to get in front of executives, product managers, and others. They are always looking for your honest feedback.

EMC Certified#4 – Solutions showcase in the Momentum Zone featuring IIG and partner solutions

EMC has launched a few new solutions recently –  EMC Documentum Engineering Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) and EMC Documentum Solution Suite for Life Sciences.  Partners also have solutions that have been EMC Certified that they will be showcasing at Momentum.

#5 –  Great entertainment, socializing, and more.EMC World 2012 Welcome Party

In addition to the great content that customers and partners are exposed too, EMC World offers a great time for socializing and enjoying the entertainment provided. The headlining entertainment seems to get better each year.

If you’ve attended EMC World in the past and would like to let others know why you plan to attend, please feel free to comment on this blog posting.

We hope to see you there!

Opportunities to Learn More About EMC Captiva 7.0

A few weeks ago, EMC announced Captiva 7.0: EMC Transforms Enterprise Capture with Captiva 7.0. I wrote a blog post about the release describing the many new features and benefits you will find.

Over the next couple weeks, there are a couple of great opportunities to learn more about this release.

Ask the Expert (December 3rd – 7th)

This is an opportunity to discuss and learn about the new features of Captiva 7.0. We will be covering your questions on the new Captiva 7.0 features, including the Captiva Designer, Captiva Desktop and the innovative auto-learning text classification. The Event takes place between the 3rd – 7th December 2012. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for email notifications.


EMC Live Webcast: Transform Intelligent Capture with EMC Captiva 7.0

In this live event, we’ll cover all the major enhancements in Captiva 7.0 and we’ll also be providing a live demonstration as well. You  can register for the event by clicking here.