New EMC Captiva Graphical Capture Design Tool Delivers the Power of Enterprise Capture Made Easy

It’s here, a powerful new application designed to make it easy to develop and deploy Captiva capture processes all without compromising the flexibility of Captiva InputAccel.

EMC has announced the powerful new Captiva InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer application, a graphical drag-and-drop tool for designing capture processes. System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers, IT developers, and power users can use this latest capture process design application to build document capture processes in just a few hours, at a substantially lower cost, without any coding.  It is part of the Captiva InputAccel product, so no additional purchase is required.

You can read more and view an online demo on by clicking here.

What the new tool delivers

Delivering a new standard in enterprise capture process development, the InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer application brings together the advanced document capture capabilities of the Captiva InputAccel intelligent capture platform. It provides an environment for building processes that capture and classify documents, extract and validate data, and deliver information to key business systems and processes.

Here are just a few highlights on what this new application will provide:

  • Graphical drag-and-drop process design application for developing capture processes
  • Point-and-click mapping of values between capture steps
  • Ability to handle both simple and complex document process requirements like adding conditional branch logic or rerouting steps in a process
  • Support for both Captiva InputAccel and Captiva Dispatcher modules and services, including scan, image enhancement, recognition, classification, classification edit, validation, and all exports
  • Ability to incorporate custom modules into an InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer capture process
  • Ability to insert custom code steps into a capture process to execute custom routing and validations

InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer application

What it means to IT organizations, partners, and power users

What it means to anyone who has or will be developing capture processes in Captiva InputAccel, is your job just got easier. Imagine this….

  • Develop capture process in a few hours without having to write any code.
  • Deploying processes with fewer resources improving your time to value and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Eliminating project complexity and inherent risks associated with custom coding.
  • Still being able to leverage Captiva’s modular architecture and flexibility to handle the most complex enterprise capture requirements.
  • Rapidly deliver custom demonstration and proof of concept examples enabling partners to differentiate from other solutions and win new business.

What next?

The new Captiva InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer application is available to all customers and partners running that latest InputAccel 6.0 release. All you need to do is download, install, and you are off and running.  In future postings, I’ll share additional technical details on what this new application enables you to do.