Facebook Celebrates Sixth Birthday, Approaching 400 Million Users

Six years and counting. Facebook is celebrating their six birthday and according to Mark Zuckerberg (check out is his blog) they will surpass 400 million users this week. Wow! that is a large number.  When I joined Facebook about a year ago, it started out as a way for me to share information with our customers, partners, and employees in the EMC Documentum community. But what started out as a way to share information related to the work I do, has also allowed me to stay in touch with friends and family, and reconnect with many old friends.  This certainly has made for an interesting mix of friends, family, and co-workers all co-mingled together.

I still wonder about some of the frequent status updates people post. You know, the ones like “Bill is taking his dog for a walk.” And then an hour later “Bill just got back from the grocery store”.   I’m sure I’ve been guilty of a few of these.  Do we really care? I guess so, because then I’ve seen friends give those same status updates the “I like this” thumbs up. It appears we are addicted to the Facebook experience.

400 million users and counting…I give it a “I like this” thumbs up.


New Online Tool on Measuring the Benefits of Document Capture

Here’s the scenario. You are evaluating various document capture products, and on the surface you know it is a good thing for your company. But you are struggling with how to quantify the potential benefits and need more evidence that the investment will in fact result in costs savings, improved productivity, reduced risk, and so on.

Well, here you go. Here’s a link to a relatively new EMC Captiva online benefits calculator tool that helps companies assess the potential benefits of their investment in document capture.


The tool is very straight forward, and only requires a few minutes of time to get a response on what the potential benefits might be for a company. Unlike other tools that don’t allow you to drill down into the details that drive the cost benefits, this one exposes the assumptions and lets you adjust them to fit your companies particular situation. It lets you fine tune your assumptions like known hard costs – document storage, shipping and handling, printing, etc. You can also adjust variables like time spent performing data entry, per hourly costs of your employees, hours spent sorting and routing documents, and many other variables. You can also select what your specific business challenges are so that the costs savings it produces are specific to your challenges. If managing the risk of paper is not your real pain point, then you can simply turn that off.

The tool basically takes the information you input and creates a before and after picture. At the end of the process, it generates a detailed report (requires registration) that you can share with co-workers.  The benefit of registering is it saves your work so that you can come back later or invite other co-workers into the project.  This is often necessary as you collect information and collaborate with other people on the team.  But again, the tool has default assumptions built-in based on industry stats and other best practices data, allowing for a quick analysis and fine tuning over time.

If investing in document capture is one of your companies 2010 initiatives, then this new calculator is probably of interest. Take the next step and give it a try. If you have questions, please comment and I’d be happy to discuss.