EMC Unveils Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge

So Momentum Europe 2010 kicked off this week and the latest news just being released was regarding a DocumentumxCP xCelerator Challenge . What is xCP? In a nutshell it is a platform for intelligent case management solutions which unites business process management, enterprise content management, document and data capture, customer communications and records management technologies.

To add to that definition, xCP  xCelerators are reusable assets that enable organizations to rapidly build and configure a Documentum xCP application. Examples of xCelerators could include sample apps, business process templates, activity templates, executable code and documentation that focuses on best practices when developing and deploying a Documentum xCP solution.  Hence the challenge around who can develop the most complete  xCelerator in terms of functionality and quality, and demonstrates real business value.

So if you read my blog regularly, you know I write a lot about document and data capture, sometimes specifically about Captiva which is the EMC family of capture products.  While Captiva works off platform (does not require Documentum) and many companies (several thousand) use it to connect with a host of content repositories, Captiva is most certainly a key part of Documentum xCP platform and the solutions that EMC and partners deliver.

In the case of a document capture driven workflow process, one might build an xCP process template that takes incoming data and document images from Captiva and routes the content through an automated workflow. Take for example,  claims, invoices, new account applications, and so on. All of these forms and documents have a process behind them. Some processes have forms that require heavy data extraction and validation, other processes simply involve the collection of documents that help support a case based application. Ever went through a loan approval process? Then you know what I’m talking about in terms of the number  of documents that must be submitted, tracked, and reviewed before a loan can be closed.

What happens when you don’t have a solution for capturing, storing, routing, and tracking incoming business critical documents?  Well all you have to do is look at the latest news surrounding the mishandling of foreclosures and loan modification programs. Documents lost, inaccurate information on who owns the loan, no visibility around the process, and so on, has all have led to major problems for some banks.  That is where Documentum xCP makes things run more efficient – intelligently capturing documents and data, storing the content, applying business rules and workflows to those documents, communicating with customers, and utilizing records management technology to maintain the records from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal.

And yes let’s not forget that the Captiva intelligent enterprise capture solution is one of those very important puzzle pieces that helps to deliver the value that many customers are achieving with Documentum xCP.

EMC Unveils Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge

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  1. This posting has been updated as of January 24, 2011 to remove a customer use case that was not completely accurate. I apologize for the mistake that was made.

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