New Benchmark Study on Enterprise Capture Finds EMC Captiva Almost Three Times Faster than Key Competitor

A new benchmark study on enterprise capture has been released. The latest study shows among other things that Captiva is almost three times faster than a key competitor. Other key findings from the study include: Continue reading


Why Choose EMC Captiva to Get Your Paper into SharePoint

It is likely your company is either using SharePoint today in some way or is considering using it in the very near future. Regardless of your current situation or plans, one of the requirements you may have is converting paper into digital information and storing the content in SharePoint.

Now scanning and imaging has been around for years, so this not a new concept. But before you make an investment into a capture product, there are four key requirements you should consider. In an upcoming Webcast, I’ll be discussing those four key requirements and why companies should choose EMC Captiva to get their paper into SharePoint.

To register for this upcoming Webcast on November 17th, go to the following link and register.

Webcast: Why Choose EMC Captiva to Get Your Paper into SharePoint

What you will learn during this 30 minute Webcast is why basic scanning and imaging is not going to give you the return on investment that is possible without an intelligent enterprise capture solution from EMC. To borrow a quote from the recent Enterprise Strategy Group white paper:  “The Strategic Value of Information Capture”

“The question is not whether an information capture solution will provide an ROI; it’s how big it will be. It is very easy to try and maximize this return by buying the least expensive solution on the marketplace, but this can often limit many of the measurable and intangible benefits. In contrast, an organization that purchases an integrated, feature-rich information capture solution—complete with imaging, indexing, and routing capabilities—will have more opportunities to derive more value, boosting the overall return on a slightly greater investment.” 


Why We Need to Make Cloud Computing Easy

An article authored by Mark Lewis, chief strategy officer of the Information Infrastructure Products Business at EMC, talks about a technology free cloud. Mark puts things into perspective on why we need to make cloud computing easy and not simply view it as a technology platform.

Here’s a link to the Forbes article.

Check Out the xCP Challenge Video

In one of my recent post, I wrote about the Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge. Here’s a good video from Dave von Klemperer, Director of Solutions & Alliances for EMC Documentum xCP, describing the xCP xCelerator Challenge.

The Challenge is a developer contest offering $50,000 in prizes, and is open to all Documentum customers, partners, and employees. To find out more about the contest, visit