Bringing Capture to the Front Office: Momentum Session at EMC World 2011

I’m making my fifth trip back to EMC World (May 9th – 12th) this year, and I’ve been given an opportunity to speak on one of my favorite document capture topics, which is about bringing capture to the front office. Why do I enjoy this topic? Well I like it because it gives me the chance to talk about the value of moving capture beyond simply using it in a centralized mailroom, and highlight the significant benefits that can be achieved. Companies are doing this today, and when I see how it has transformed their operations it makes complete sense.

From a technology standpoint, what interest me most about this topic is the potential use of capture in the front office. Businesses are only beginning to scratch the surface with pushing capture to their regional offices, branch offices, and even mobile workers. There are many devices and sources in which documents can enter a business – scanners, multi-function devices, email, fax, network folders, FTP, Web, and so on. To add to the list, mobile phones certainly should be considered in the discussion. While there are some technical considerations that need to be looked at to bring mobile capture to the enterprise , mobile capture has the potential to change how field workers engage with customers and processes within their businesses.

The use of multi-function devices are being used more frequently for capturing documents and drive a downstream business processes, but simplicity remains critically important. No longer are MFPs simply being used to scan to desktop or email.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are hard-wired to intelligently identify checks and capture the data required for deposit. I say “hard-wired” because they are tuned to handle checks specifically and nothing else.The use of capturing a check and the data has made the cross-over to mobile devices. With more banks wanting to deliver real-time mobile banking capabilities, they have begun providing services like capturing a check with your mobile phone.

This certainly begs the question, what other devices and document capture processes could I setup in such a way that it is self-service? Well there are companies doing amazing things with Captiva that are pushing capture to the front office, and making it easy for the business users to simply walk up to a MFP device, scan a document, and be done with it. So the opportunity is there.

If you are attending EMC World 2011, I encourage you to come to my session (Wednesday at 4:15 PM), especially if you are considering how capture might be used in your distributed offices. I’ll talk about the different technology approaches, and I’ll show you the key points around the benefits.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas!

Bill Galusha

Product Marketing, EMC Captiva

@bgalusha on twitter


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