Announcements at EMC World 2011

This week has been full of  announcements from at EMC World, with several of them being very exciting. First, EMC has announced a new EMC OnDemand offerings that bring together best-of-breed technologies from EMC, VMware and RSA® and will be made available for either on-premise, private cloud deployment or off-premise, public cloud deployment through Service Providers.  The initial products to leverage this technology will be EMC Captiva, Documentum, CenterStage and Document Sciences. The plan is to have this offering available in the 2H of 2011.

What is really cool about this is how the OnDemand offerings is built on two new components called the VCUBE and the VCUBE Manager. The VCUBE is the cloud deployment container and the VCUBE Manager is the centralized management and administration environment. The VCUBE can encapsulate one or more EMC or EMC partner solutions, and leverages technologies from VMware, including VMware View™ for desktop virtualization, VMware vCloud® Director to pool virtual infrastructure resources (vApps), and VMware vShield™ for virtualization-aware security, and VMware vSphere® as the underlying cloud infrastructure platform.

The other big announcement made today was that EMC and Box have partnered up to deliver enterprise content management mobility through the cloud. Essentially what this will provide customers with is a way to access, share, and collaborate on content anytime, anywhere. With EMC Documentum and Box, customers get the benefits of cloud enabled sharing and collaboration by way of EMC Documentum enterprise class content management, and Box’s intuitive user interface, easy external collaboration, and content access from any mobile device.

I attended Jeetu Patel’s keynote this morning, and saw firsthand a simple demo on how the integration will work. A connector between the two products will synchronize, archive, and transfer content between Documentum and Box. This is exciting given users today want flexibility and choice in how they access and interact with content.  On the go access to content using any device (iPad, smartphones) are what new users expect. No longer do they want to wait for corporate ITs to figure out to support them, they often make the choices on their own and expect IT to support their needs.

There were several other announcements made at EMC World earlier this week, and you can take a look at those announcements here.


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