EMC Announces Winners of Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge

EMC announced the winners of the Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge.  And the winner is (drum-roll please)…euroscript. You can read the full press release on EMC.com.

The  contest was designed to encourage EMC® Documentum customers, partners and employees to submit working xCelerators, which are assets that can be used to accelerate the creation, adoption, and/or implementation of an xCP solution. Some great entries (24 in total) were submitted, and you can read about them on the Documentum Developer Community.

euroscript swept the xCP xCelerator Challenge, winning the top spot in both the Best Sample Application and Best xCelerator Asset categories. The application submitted by euroscript is TripPlanner which is a complete application for managing corporate travel, leveraging xCP to handle approvals and track expenses, and featuring collaboration on both desktop and mobile devices. euroscript also submitted the PDF Form Reader xCelerator. The PDF Form Reader captures data from Adobe PDF forms and integrates them into business processes.

Here are some highlights to the TripPlanner application:

  • End-to-end sample application
  • Multi-channel customer communication: paper & electronic with strong focus on smartphone compatibility
  • Dynamic document generation
  • Integration with GoogleMaps API, FOP, iText
  • Reuse of xCelerators: xDQL, Deep Export, Generate Unique Number
  • Integration with EMC Captiva
  • Integration with Process Reporting Services (BAM Report)

Here’s a video (two parts) of the TripPlanner application that you can check out.

TripPlanner: Part 1


TripPlanner Part 2:

In addition to euroscript winning,  Nick King of EMC UK Professional Services won the employee category of the xCP xCelerator Challenge for his Investigative Case Management (ICM) prototype.  The xCelerator demonstrates how xCP can be used to build a solution that will handle the complex requirements around Investigative Case Management, handling the investigation of a case through its entire lifecycle.

The solution has been built on xCP 1.5 and utilizes the following components:

  • xCP 1.5 including Business Activity Monitor
  • Document Science xPression
  • Corticon (optional)
  • Captiva
  • Federated Search Services
  • Advanced Search xCelerator

Congratulations to the winners!


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