EMC Documentum Mobile Brings Enterprise Content to the Apple iPad

For the new user of today it is all about choice computing and being able to have the same flexibility and access to enterprise content as they do with their personal information via various social media platforms. EMC Documenutm Mobile for the Apple iPad delivers just that to business users, extending the power of enterprise content management to your Apple iPad enabling you to act on that information faster than ever. EMC Documentum Mobile is now available in the Apple App Store, and users of Documentum can take advantage of it today.

The Apple iPad is great a device for accessing content online, viewing videos and photos, sending email, and gives you access to thousands of applications. For businesses, the iPad is transforming the way companies do business.  The iPad makes it easy to access important information wherever you are, collaborate with co-workers and partners, and perform other task that make you more productive.

EMC Documentum Mobile for the Apple iPad

There are many examples of uses in the workplace that I can think of including  medical staff accessing health records during patient exams, a claims adjuster accessing policy information while starting a new claim, or something even as simple as a manager approving an employee vacation request. These are just a few examples where access to critical business information is necessary in order to get your job done. 

So what does the EMC Documentum Mobile app provide to enterprise business users?

Find it faster – find content quickly in Documentum with the use of advanced search and filters. Navigate repository, collections, watched items, recently viewed, and favorites.

Act on information  – use your mobile inbox to review and approve critical workflow tasks.

Share and collaborate – Initiate and participate in discussion threads. Access Documentum CenterStage Spaces including wikis, blogs, and discussions.

Always available – Quickly gather and collect content and download to your iPad for offline use.

EMC Documentum Mobile is available as a free download from the Apple App Store, so if you are a Documentum user today and own an iPad, I’d encourage you to download it and give it a try. Let me know what you think.


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