Canada’s Largest Credit Union Replaces FileNet Capture with EMC Captiva

The following press release went out today – Canada’s Largest Credit Union Replaces Aging Document Capture Solution with EMC Captiva. This is a good example of how businesses continue to reinvest in the latest document capture technologies to drive down costs and make processes more efficient. You can read the full case study here.

Vancity is Canada’s largest credit union, with more than $14 billion in assets and greater than 415,000 members throughout Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Squamish and Victoria in Canada.  For several years, Vancity had used FileNet for capturing and storing documents – signature cards, account opening, credit card services (applications), and other financial service offerings. 

Looking to replace its aging FileNet document management system, Vancity required a capture solution that complemented Microsoft SharePoint, which is its repository for content today. Before Captiva was implemented, much of the document capture process in FileNet involved a significant amount of manual document preparation and data entry.

Today, Vancity uses Captiva to process more than 500,000 documents, representing more than one million pages annually. With Captiva, document preparation has been reduced by up to 50%, and manual data entry has been reduced to less than 50% of all documents (FileNet Capture required 100% data entry).

Is it time for you to reevaluate your document capture strategy? It’s never too late.


3 Responses

  1. Do you know if Kofax competed for this project? Thanks.

  2. Would love to speak to you about the differences between Kofax and Captiva. Hopefully you have access to my email where I can share my contact information. Thanks very much.

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