EMC OnDemand Brings Captiva, Documentum, and Document Sciences to the Cloud

 EMC announced today, that EMC OnDemand is now available for EMC Captiva, EMC Documentum, and EMC Document Sciences. The new EMC OnDemand offering is a hybrid cloud deployment model for enterprise-class applications, designed to help customers accelerate journey to the cloud.

The new deployment model will enable customers to stay current on the latest software releases, simplify management of highly complex applications, and lower IT maintenance spend. You can visit the EMC OnDemand page on EMC.com for more information.

What is EMC OnDemand?

EMC OnDemand brings enterprise-class applications to the cloud, leveraging best-in-class technologies from VMware, RSA and EMC, and the infrastructure can contain one or many EMC products and partner products.

To put it into perspective, think about how you deploy enterprise software today.  A software vendor provides you with the software and you are required to install, configure it, and support the applications and infrastructure. The challenges you may have faced in the past include cost, complexity, and time required to implement on-premise content management services. For example,  finding the right resources to implement the system, cost or availability of the infrastructure, or additional products required to run an enterprise content management (ECM).

With EMC OnDemand, EMC enterprise class software solutions – Captiva, Documentum, and Document Sciences – are quickly provisioned and configured for rapid deployment into the “Private Cloud” removing a lot of the expertise you may have needed in the past.

Why move to EMC OnDemand?

There are several reasons why organization might consider moving to OnDemand.  Here are just a few:

  • Planning an upgrade that requires infrastructure changes and additions
  • Plans to deploy new instances of EMC products into other business units
  • Looking for a way to shift the burden and reduce cost of not having to maintain and configure the enterprise application(s) environment
  • Looking for ways to improve your current disaster recovery and high availability requirements
  • Your organization has struggled to maintain the necessary expertise on staff to support the current systems
  • Your organization is making its first major move into ECM and would like ‘EMC Experts’ to help manage the environment

All these reasons tie back to time, cost, complexity, and delivery.  For many large organizations, a cloud deployment model is an approach that is worth taking a look at.

New Approach: Virtual Cube (VCUBE)

So what is the underlying technology and how does it all work? What EMC has developed is a unique approach based upon technologies from EMC, VMware and RSA that makes up a new hybrid cloud deployment model for enterprise-class applications. The new technology is called a “Virtual Cube” or VCUBE for short.  It is best described as a multi-service or multi-product container, and it differs from a “virtual appliance”, which is typically a single-service container.

This means one VCUBE contains many EMC or EMC partner products. Its multi-service capabilities enables administrators to use and manage a range of technologies (e.g. capture, storing and securing content, collaboration, customer communications, etc.) that constitute a business solution. This multi-service capability of the VCUBE  makes the entire cube completely portable from one data center  to another.

OnDemand VCUBE is manged through the VCUBE Manager, which allows EMC or its partners to dynamically monitor, provision, integrate, and update the entire cube environment, and allow customers to configure the system for their administrators and users.

Essentially, EMC OnDemand is designed to do all the heavy lifting – virtualization, provisioning, and configuration. This is done by having individual products pre-installed and provisioned inside the cube using templates, or known as “vApps”, that specifically address requirements like having development, test, and production environments already constructed.

Delivers value – increases IT efficiency and business agility

OnDemand gives large organizations access to a new deployment model that takes advantage of the Cloud and eliminates the need for in-house expertise and infrastructure.  The value of OnDemand is compelling and will help large organizations to quickly capitalize on their investments in content management, enterprise capture, and customer communication software solutions.

Save – Both time and money are saved by having the system up and running in hours. Plus you can scale up or down to fit your business requirements.

Simplify – EMC takes on the complexity of the software, configuration, and ongoing management. EMC experts provide continuous monitoring, support, and expertise.

Transform–  By establishing a path that allows organizations to get to production faster, EMC is enabling organizations to realize the value of their investment quicker. Furthermore,

If you are evaluating enterprise capture, content management, or customer communications solutions, I’d encourage you to take a look at EMC onDemand. If you are a current EMC customer who is planning an upgrade, you may also want to take a look at this new hybrid cloud deployment model.  Depending on your current situation, you may find that the new Cloud deployment model will help with meeting your organizations strategic business goals.


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