EMC Announces New Imaging Cloud Toolkit for Developers

EMC is pleased to announce the release of the Captiva Cloud Toolkit, a cloud scanning and imaging software developer kit (SDK) that enables developers to build scanning into the next generation of cloud-based business application. You can download the new toolkit today for free and begin developing your scanning application.

Captiva Cloud Toolkit is the future of scan-enabling web-based business applications and is the imaging developer toolkit to support scanning within Web-based cloud applications without requiring an ActiveX or Java plug-in.

Captiva Cloud Toolkit is ideal for document capture vendors, commercial software developers, and enterprises that want to scan-enable their web-based applications to complement their business solution offerings.

Next technology wave – cloud capture

It should come as no surprise the way applications are being delivered to both consumers and businesses is transforming rapidly. No longer are software developers building applications that require software to be downloaded and installed onto a desktop or server. Integrated software vendors (ISV), partners, and even enterprise businesses are developing or already have built Web-based applications that can be quickly deployed or delivered. These business applications can be deployed and managed on-premise, or delivered as cloud services.

The Captiva Cloud Toolkit combines a web service with a scanner-level toolkit to enable full access to document scanner features using the power of Captiva ISIS. It also provides connectivity to TWAIN-based devices.

With Captiva Cloud Toolkit, developers can quickly create a working, scan-enabled, web-based business application—shortening time to market and greatly reducing development, testing, and support costs. This results in a quick return on investment and accelerates the ability to compete in an increasingly competitive distributed document-capture market.

Cloud toolkit delivers a rich set of development capabilities

Captiva Cloud Toolkit delivers a strong set of capabilities, most notably the ability to incorporate scanning into Web-based business applications without requiring a plug-in of any kind, including ActiveX. This is a big step forward in what has sometimes been a roadblock to deploying document scanning across a large enterprise organization given the IT security and support issue concerns around the use of plug-ins. With the new Captiva Cloud Toolkit, Web-enabled scan applications can be developed and delivered without requiring a plug-in.

Developers can also be rest assured the new cloud toolkit works with widely popular web browser platforms, including Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Similarly, it works with web development platforms such as Microsoft Silverlight, JavaScript, HTML5 and Adobe Flash. This allows for quick integration with existing corporate web browser technologies and development environments used by the enterprise.

By eliminating technology limitations of the past and leveraging established web standards, the Captiva Cloud Toolkit delivers better solutions with fewer restrictions to the user experience.

Getting started

Now is the time to check out the new toolkit. There is a free evaluation version available that can be downloaded here. Visit the ISIS Document Imaging Community on the EMC Community Network (ECN) to get more information, follow discussions, and share information.

We’re excited about the future of building scanning into the next generation of cloud-based business application. We look forward to seeing the many applications that leverage this new technology.

3 Responses

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  2. Wow a little late in the game! I remember Captovation (Now owned by Oracle) had a successful hosted imaging solutions back in 1999. As a matter of fact I worked on integrating it with a hosted Documentum solution (Now owned by Ricoh).

    • Your comment “a little late to the game” is factually incorrect. Captiva has been developing imaging toolkits for years that is used in traditional client-server capture apps as well as web-based scanning apps. Captiva ISIS industry-standard interface is used by both scanner manufacturers and ISVs. EMC Captiva eInput was one of the first Web-based scanning/indexing applications that leveraged the early web-based imaging toolkits from Captiva.

      The new Captiva Cloud toolkit is a next-generation approach to scannning that supports the ISIS standard (and TWAIN), and provides the ability to build scanning into Web-based applications without requiring a plugin (e.g. ActiveX). Not requiring a plug-in is one of the key advantages developers will find from this new toolkit. Scanning that has been built into a Web apps in the past typically required the use of plug-ins which is a concern to some businesses. Hardware vendors (scanner manufacturers) will also be supporting this new scanning approach by shipping the cloud components that get installed along with the scanner drivers that come with the scanner.

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