Top 5 Most Popular Blog Postings in 2011

With 2011 coming to an end, I thought I’d go back and do a quick review of the top 5 most popular blog postings from 2011.

#1 EMC Documentum Mobile Brings Enterprise Content to the Apple iPad

It is not surprising this was the #1 read blog posting in 2011. I just made the switch from a Blackberry to an iPhone two weeks ago, and I can see why people love all the apps. There is an app for just about everything, and being able to access and act on your enterprise business content is no exception. My old Blackberry was great for email, calendaring, and browsing the Web, but the apps is where businesses are going to benefit.

In August 2011,  EMC released Documenutm Mobile for the Apple iPad extending the power of enterprise content management to the Apple iPad enabling users to act on information faster than ever. EMC Documentum Mobile is now available in the Apple App Store, and users of Documentum can take advantage of it today.

#2 Captiva 6.5 Delivers Breakthrough Capture Performance and Intelligence

Captiva 6.5 (available in March 2011) was a significant release in several ways including breakthrough performance, the ability to learn new documents while in production, and support for processing both single and multi-byte character languages.

The video below provides a good overview Captiva 6.5 and talks specifically about the benefits of the new Production Auto Learning capability.



#3 EMC Partner Launches New Mobile Apps for EMC ApplicationXtender

EMC partner, Business Imaging Systems (BIS), announced at EMC World 2011 three new mobile apps that connect into EMC ApplicationXtender. BIS is calling it MAX and it is described as “content management unplugged”. The new offerings connect users from Apple iPhone and Android devices, tablets, and network KIOSK devices, with the content management environment of ApplicationXtender. You can read more about MAX here.

#4 EMC Announces New Imaging Cloud Toolkit for Developers

I expected this posting to receive lots of attention given the need to deliver scanning within Web-based cloud applications that moves away from the traditional approach of requiring an ActiveX or Java plug-in. In December, EMC announced the release of the Captiva Cloud Toolkit, a cloud scanning and imaging software developer kit (SDK) that enables developers to build scanning into the next generation of cloud-based business application.

You can download the new toolkit today for free and begin adding scanning into your Web-based application. Examples of this could be an application that connects to other cloud-based services like Box, Dropbox, SalesForce, or any other service or application that requires scanning.

#5 Community Bank Selects EMC Captiva to Replace Kofax System

Breaking into the top 5 most popular postings was a posting I did on an EMC Captiva customer win in 2011. There is an ongoing trend we see which is companies who invested in capture years ago are now taking a step back and evaluating their current capture strategy to determine how they can get more value from the use of capture.

There are many legacy capture applications out there that provide businesses with limited functionality which may have satisfied the business requirements years ago, but is falling short today. Today, intelligent capture can offer a level of intelligence and automation that was not possible years ago. Also many organizations are looking to push capture to the edge where paper is captured at the point of presentment (e.g. branch office). These are just a few requirements we hear about today where a customers current capture system is not able to address the requirements.

Have a great new year in 2012!


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