Scan Enable Your Web-Based Business Application

I finished up a Webcast recently (March 6th) titled “Build Scanning into Web-based Business Application“, and we had a tremendous turnout for this Webcast and over 30 questions were asked.

So you are probably thinking, scanning is not new so why would this Webcast draw such a large crowd? Isn’t document scanning something we already perfected and isn’t it becoming used less often? The fact is paper is still an inherent part of how we do business today. It’s generated in all different ways and places, and is captured in many ways – fax, email, scanners, MFDs, and mobile devices (camera).  Still, the one primary  input source for how paper is transformed into digital content is still by way of using a scanner. Continue reading


EMC Documentum Mobile 1.1 Now Available – New Support for the iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’ve been following the latest news within the EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG), you have come to realize that mobile is a big part of our strategy. One cannot ignore the fact that the use of mobile devices for consuming and acting on information is becoming the standard way. I personally have several apps on my iPhone, and I have not once felt the need to actually sit down in front of my laptop and login into the actual Web application. Everything I need to do is right there within the APP. Now that may not be the case for all use cases, but a lot of what we do within an application is very task oriented. We perform a task and logout.

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