EMC Documentum Mobile 1.1 Now Available – New Support for the iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’ve been following the latest news within the EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG), you have come to realize that mobile is a big part of our strategy. One cannot ignore the fact that the use of mobile devices for consuming and acting on information is becoming the standard way. I personally have several apps on my iPhone, and I have not once felt the need to actually sit down in front of my laptop and login into the actual Web application. Everything I need to do is right there within the APP. Now that may not be the case for all use cases, but a lot of what we do within an application is very task oriented. We perform a task and logout.

Back in August 2011 I wrote about the new Documentum Mobile. The initial release targeted the iPad user making it possible for the users access and browse Documentum repository content, including rich media such as images and video, anytime from anywhere. From the device, content is easy to located using advance search that leverages the Documentum xPlore Search Engine. There has been lots of great feedback around the current features and what future capabilities are being considered for the mobile client. There’s a good post on the EMC Developer Network on what customers are saying – 5 Tips and Tricks for EMC Documentum Mobile. The post covers information around security (e.g. password saving, saving files to the device), how users can review and approve task, as well as other questions that have come up.  It’s worth checking out.

The latest Documentum Mobile 1.1 builds on the initial release and makes available an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch while continuing to support and enhance iPad functionality. In the latest 1.1 release new capabilities include import of content, push notifications, and property screen configurations. Notifications are updates that pop up on your screen when favorite items and workflow tasks are modified. This is useful in the cases when a workflow task has been assigned to you or one of your favorite items has been updated.

In this latest release, the application allows you to import content into the Documentum Repository from either the iPad or iPhone. This allows users to quickly share and collaborate on new content.

You can download the new Documentum Mobile Client for free from the Apple App Store – Documentum Mobile Client Download. I just downloaded it for my phone and I’m getting ready to try it out. I’ll report back a little later on my experiences with the latest Mobile Client app.


4 Responses

  1. What version of Documentum is it capable with?

  2. hi. from where on emc subscriber i can download the software it self to enable it i could not find it there.

    • Hi, Contact your EMC Account Manager about getting access to the Documentum Mobile Server from the Subscribenet download center. They can assist you.

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