Latest AIIM Industry Watch Report Highlights Several Key Process Trends

EMC recently participated in sponsoring an AIIM survey report titled “Process Evolution: moving your business from paper to PCs to tablets”.   In the report, it surveyed individual members of the AIIM Commnunity, focusing the questions around where companies are in terms of moving processes to a paper-free environment. There are several technology factors that are exploding right now – social, mobile, governance. and the cloud that are certainly impacting how businesses look at the future of automation in their organization.

Here are just a few of the key findings that are highlighted in the report.

52% of respondents report that administrative staff in their organization would be a third or more productive if their processes were work-flowed using scanned forms and documents,with automated data capture.

 70% consider that the use of scanning and capture improves the speed of response to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff by three-times or more.




67% of respondents consider mobile technologies to be important or extremely important to improving their business processes.31% consider tablets to be more important than smartphones, with 24% seeing smartphones as more important.

While two-thirds acknowledge the importance, over three-quarters have made no progress towards mobile-enabling their business processes. 20% have sound security reasons, 32% have evaluated but not made a move, and 24% haven’t even thought about it.

 Only 30% of organizations have effective rules and policies regarding the security of data on company-issued mobile devices and on personal mobile devices. 70% have rules but only 30% of respondents feel they are being actively used and enforced.

Half of responding organizations would consider adopting a 3rd party or Government cloud system for active content management, although most (35%) are waiting for security and reliability to mature.



You can download the full report from – click here. If you are interested in learning more about what your organization should be considering when it comes to process evolution, AIIM has a 1-day  content management boot camp seminar coming up in May. The seminar will be coming to several cities including Houston, Dallas, Denver, Anaheim, Bellevue WA, and San Francisco. It is a great venue to learn new approaches to managing content and process in the new era of mobile, social and cloud, network with your peers, and walk away new ideas and planning tools.


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