EMC Captiva is Named a Leader in latest Forrester Wave: Multichannel Capture

The latest Forrester Wave: Multichannel Capture is now available for download just in time for those trying to make heads or tails of all the different capture offerings in the market. Forrester confirmed what myself and others have been saying for the past several years: that capture has extended beyond the single dimension of paper scanning in one or two primary locations to become the multichannel, distributed on-ramp for acquiring information. Forrester goes on to say in the report that in the next five years, capture will incorporate advanced analytics, mobile solutions, business process management (BPM) and case management, and stronger integration with enterprise production platforms. I couldn’t agree more.

You may think capture and document imaging is old technology, and in many ways it is. The process of scanning and turning a piece of paper into a digital format so that it can be indexed and stored in a repository is not a new concept. However, there is still a lot of paper coming into businesses and the basic requirement for digitizing and storing paper electronically is still one of the key drivers for investing in capture. 

Beyond this basic concept and more importantly, capture technology is evolving to be used in real-time by extending the point of capture and the types of devices to the front office, to mobile devices, and even outside organizational boundaries. Furthermore, intelligence is another key to success when implementing a capture solution. Intelligent capture allows for automated classification of a document as well as extraction and validation of the data. Without intelligence, the work is left up to users who are required to pre-sort, classify, and manually index a document. Today’s capture technology has moved beyond this old technological approach giving businesses further opportunities to reduce costs and accelerate their processes.

EMC Captiva is named a leader

In the latest Forrester Wave, Forrester identified EMC as a leader for leveraging capture to streamline business processes and offering an extensible capture solution. We certainly are pleased by Forrester’s validation of our leadership in the multichannel capture market,  and our strong position in Intelligent Data Capture, which is key to our enterprise customers.

Furthermore, we see intelligent capture as a very important part to our overall solution with full Enterprise Content Management, case management and governance capabilities. This suite of products and solutions enables EMC to distinguish Captiva from other offerings.

We also see the findings in the report as further proof that capture will present new opportunities for businesses to further streamline and improve their business processes. Paper volumes may be declining in some cases for businesses, but distributed capture, the use of mobile devices and real-time intelligence at the point of capture are key areas where we see opportunities for businesses to capitalize and differentiate themselves from competitors in their market. Some industries like retail banking are already beginning to deploy consumer based phone apps for mobile check deposits, and other industries like insurance are just now exploring other ways to capture paper closer to the source for supporting processes like filing a claim.

Next steps

While the report should be helpful to many, I would advise those evaluating various capture offerings to use this as a starting point. Forrester evaluated each vendor against 18 criteria points. Some criteria may be important to you while other criteria may be less important. In some cases, the criteria may not provide a clear enough view of which product is easier to implement, which provides better accuracy or which is best suited in your enterprise environment.

To hear more about this report, I encourage you to attend to the upcoming AIIM Webcast on August 29th, where Forrester principal analyst Alan Weintraub will discuss the Forrester Wave on Multichannel Capture.


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