EMC Announces Captiva 7.0

At the Momentum User Conference in Vienna, EMC announced Captiva 7.0, a best-in-class solution for transforming paper documents, faxes and other content into digital data used by enterprise applications and processes. Captiva 7.0 is one of several new products that the EMC Information Intelligence Group announced. Here are the links to both press releases:

EMC Delivers Massive Set of Products and Solutions to Transform IT and Business Operations

EMC Transforms Enterprise Capture with Captiva 7.0

The Captiva 7.0 release provides powerful new capabilities designed for:

  • Rapid configuration, customization and integration – all capture flow development and configuration is centralized within the new Captiva Designer; project developers can easily customize processes with point-and-click setup and deploy into production in seconds, rather than the hours or days required by competitive products.
  • Superior accuracy – Production Auto Learning upgrades include using both image and new innovative text-based classification, that delivers 20 percent higher accuracy than rules and templates created manually by an expert.
  • Enhanced operator productivity – Captiva Desktop provides the operator with one client that can be adapted to the use and operator task, rather than operators having to utilize multiple clients to complete the work.

As you will see from the many enhancements we have made, the release simplifies the development and deployment of enterprise capture projects, and delivers superior accuracy and operator performance.

Agility: Fastest Time to Value in the Industry

Captiva Designer is a new unified tool for IT developers and project administrators to simplify the configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of capture projects. The designer enables teams to easily configure data entry forms and validation rules, with point-and-click layout of fields and controls to promote context-aware indexing and validation.

Captiva Designer saves time by quickly defining configuration profiles – document types, image processing, recognition, and exports – for reuse across multiple processes. Project configuration information can be easily moved or published to different capture servers with a single click, enabling Captiva to deploy enterprise configurations – including both server and client settings – in seconds or minutes, compared to the hours or days required by competitive products.

Productivity: Configurable Unified Interface Optimized for Operator Productivity

Captiva Desktop is a new client for capture operators that can be easily customized for all types of capture tasks, including image quality review, document assembly, high-speed data entry and indexing, high speed data correction and data validation. Unlike competitive offerings, this all in one client approach makes it easier for operation managers to route work to operators and to also train their operators.

To maximize operator productivity, Captiva Desktop can be completely configured to match individual use cases and operator tasks, showing or hiding the document or page view, configuring data entry forms to match the physical document and to speed data entry validation. Operators are able to maximize their efficiency through context-aware editing, quickly flag and re-route problem documents, apply rubber-band optical character recognition (OCR), and customize hot keys for greater operator efficiency.

Intelligence: Accurate Auto-Learning that Rivals Human Experts

EMC has introduced a new innovative text-based classification method that significantly increases the classification accuracy rates for incoming documents. This innovative approach does not simply look for keywords; rather it focuses on finding common sets of words, orientation, and their values, while taking into account small variations in text and position. This approach is ideal for semi-structured documents like invoices, as well as documents that have varying image quality issues due to the capture device.

Unlike competitive products that apply unsophisticated automated techniques that arbitrarily create document type rules due to minor variations in a document, or in other cases rely heavily on project administrators to manually determine classification rules, Captiva applies an innovative textual classification method to automatically learning documents while in production. By combining this unique text-based classification method along with image based classification, Captiva is able to deliver up to 20 percent higher accuracy than rules and templates created manually by experts.

Additional Resources

I encourage you to learn more about Captiva 7.0 by visiting the Momentum ECM Community. There is new and updated content to support this announcement—including data sheets, demos, and more—that is available in the Captiva technology area of the Momentum ECM Community and online at the EMC Web site.

If you are in attendance at the Momentum Vienna 2012 conference we also have a great lineup of sessions and a hands-on lab dedicated to Captiva 7.0. There are several product experts on hand to show you demos of the product, answer your questions, and get your feedback on this release.

Finally, look out for future postings around Captiva 7.0. There is a lot to cover, and I’ll be spending more time exploring various aspects of the product release.


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