Opportunities to Learn More About EMC Captiva 7.0

A few weeks ago, EMC announced Captiva 7.0: EMC Transforms Enterprise Capture with Captiva 7.0. I wrote a blog post about the release describing the many new features and benefits you will find.

Over the next couple weeks, there are a couple of great opportunities to learn more about this release.

Ask the Expert (December 3rd – 7th)

This is an opportunity to discuss and learn about the new features of Captiva 7.0. We will be covering your questions on the new Captiva 7.0 features, including the Captiva Designer, Captiva Desktop and the innovative auto-learning text classification. The Event takes place between the 3rd – 7th December 2012. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for email notifications.


EMC Live Webcast: Transform Intelligent Capture with EMC Captiva 7.0

In this live event, we’ll cover all the major enhancements in Captiva 7.0 and we’ll also be providing a live demonstration as well. You  can register for the event by clicking here.


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