Department of Transport, South Africa Wins 2013 Global Excellence in Case Management Award

Congratulations to our customer, Department of Transport, South Africa for winning the 2013 Global Excellence in CaseWFMC 2013 Case Management Award Management Award! This prestigious honor, co-sponsored by Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and, recognizes the Department of Transport for demonstrated excellence in implementing an innovative adaptive case management (ACM) solution.  You can check out the recorded presentation and announcement ceremony here.

The Department of Transport is responsible for the regulation of Transportation in South Africa, which includes public transport, rail transportation, civil aviation, shipping, freight and motor vehicles. By leveraging EMC Documentum xCP, the Department successfully delivered a government-wide project for electronic government (eGovernment) services and IT-enabled processes, transforming how it manages all cases in a centralized, standardized way across its five branches and 12 agencies.

Documentum xCP was also a key to the Department of Transport’s “IT Hub” initiative, spearheaded by the Minister of Transport, to enhance the transport infrastructure with information and communications technology.

I’d like to congratulate the Department of Transport for this achievement. To learn more about the Department’s journey, you can check out the recorded case study of the Department of Transport online or read the published case study.

Paradigm Shift to Case Management

In the past, tools for handling business work tended to focus exclusively on the processes that were highly predictable and repeatable business activities.  In today’s business world, many processes have now evolved into a highly collaborative set of activities that involve both human and system interactions.

In order to address these less structured and unpredictable business activities, the case information is the primary focus where users interact with the content, decisions are made, and processes flow to meet specific case requirements. This is not new to us at EMC, in fact many organizations across all types of industries are utilizing the EMC Documentum xCP platform for case management solutions that address information intensive processes and activities which have largely not been unaddressed in the past.

In the case of Department of Transport, each branch had developed its own processes, and individual employees had their own methods of managing documents and records. As a consequence, documents were frequently lost, workflows were unacceptably slow, process steps were impossible to track and trace, and service targets remained unmet.

Today, the case management solution used by the Department of Transport covers everything from employee travel and procurement requests and approvals, to memos ordered by Department officials and issued by Department staff, to official information requests from the South African Parliament and Cabinet. In each situation, the case starts off following an approved workflow, moves through various stages of approval, and is securely preserved for future access and reference.

With businesses looking to become more agile, EMC and our case management solutions are poised to address work stream activities that have been left untouched for years. For more information on EMC’s approach to case management, I encourage you to download the EMC Perspective: Choosing an Intelligent Case Management Solution.


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