Latest AIIM Industry Watch Report Highlights Several Key Process Trends

EMC recently participated in sponsoring an AIIM survey report titled “Process Evolution: moving your business from paper to PCs to tablets”.   In the report, it surveyed individual members of the AIIM Commnunity, focusing the questions around where companies are in terms of moving processes to a paper-free environment. There are several technology factors that are exploding right now – social, mobile, governance. and the cloud that are certainly impacting how businesses look at the future of automation in their organization.

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AIIM Communities – Worth Checking Out

For those not familiar with AIIM, AIIM is the community that provides education, research, and best practices to help organizations find, control, and optimize their information.  They cover a lot of different areas including BPM, imaging (capture), collaboration, email management, WCM, SharePoint, eDiscovery, and so on.

Last year, they launched a set of new communities that often have a lot of useful discussions going on.  There are five four communities: ERM, Social Business, Capture, SharePoint, and ECM. These communities are worth checking out if you are looking to educate yourself or just looking to see what people are discussing in various technology areas.

Upcoming AIIM Webcast: What You Should Know Before Investing in Document Capture

AIIM has a Webcast on September 29th titled “What You Should Know Before Investing in Document Capture”.

Harvey Spencer from Harvey Spencer Associates will be presenting on this Webcast. I attended Harvey’s annual capture conference a few weeks ago, and I’m sure Harvey will have a lot of great insight to provide on growing trends in the market, where companies are or should be investing, and where SharePoint fits into the big picture.

If you have a chance, I encourage you to attend.

Key Findings from New Document Capture Survey by AIIM

A new survey from AIIM is now available on  The report survey polled 882 information and records management professionals, IT staff and line of business executives, looking at the issues and potential benefits of  different document capture approaches, and considers the potential Return on Investment (ROI) across various  application areas. A free copy of the report is available at:

Some of the findings included:

  • Centralized in-house scanning and mailroom scanning are set for considerable growth compared to outsourced scanning and capture.
  • Knowledge management in the form of improved searchability of business documents is the highest driver for scanning, closely followed by compliance and business process improvement.
  • Forty-six percent of users report ROI within 12 months with two-thirds seeing returns within 18 months.

It  is safe to say that companies continue to find document capture one of the safest ECM (Enterprise Content Management) investments.

What do you think? Has your company invested in document capture? Are the benefits what you had anticipated?


Recorded Webcast: Assess the Real Value of Document Capture

I wrapped up Webcast a few days ago that is now available online for playback. Here’s a link to the recorded event.

Assess the Real Value of Document Capture

I talked about how organizations can assess the real value in document capture, highlighting several key areas where advanced document capture capabilities can help organizations drive down costs and improve process efficiencies.  I was joined by one of our customers, Baker Hughes, who talked about their global capture environment in which they use EMC Captiva across 20 countries capturing invoices that feed into their accounts payable process which utilizes Documentum and SAP.  The capture environment is maintained centrally with remote employees scanning invoices and submitting back to the central server for processing.


Upcoming EMC Live Webcast: Assess the Real Value of Document Capture

In keeping with the “value of capture” theme that some of my recent postings have talked about, I’ll be presenting on an upcoming Webcast on September 30th, in which I will talk about the ROI of document capture, where the cost savings and efficiency gains can be achieved, and how organizations can build the business case.  To register for the event click here.

During the Webcast, I’ll also share the recent results of a document capture survey conducted by AIIM.  The survey polled 677 information and records management professionals, IT staff and line of business executives, and the research study found that document scanning and capture is a very risk-free investment compared to other types of IT projects and payback time.

I’ll also be joined by a customer who will be talking about the benefits they have achieved in using the EMC Captiva and Documentum products for automating their global accounts payable process.

Look forward to everyone joining.

Upcoming AIIM Webcast on Capture – 3 Big Things You Should Be Doing

Here’s a link to an upcoming AIIM webcast this month that I thought might interest some. Organizations for years have used all kinds of scanning applications to digitize content, but many are running on legacy applications that fail to give companies the capabilities needed to really achieve all the benefits possible with document capture.

Capture: 3 Big Things You Should Be Doing (And Probably Aren’t) for Maximum ROI

So what are those three big things? Come listen to Harvey Spencer, from Harvey Spencer and Associates, to hear what you should be doing with document capture for maximum ROI.