EMC Documentum Mobile 1.1 Now Available – New Support for the iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’ve been following the latest news within the EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG), you have come to realize that mobile is a big part of our strategy. One cannot ignore the fact that the use of mobile devices for consuming and acting on information is becoming the standard way. I personally have several apps on my iPhone, and I have not once felt the need to actually sit down in front of my laptop and login into the actual Web application. Everything I need to do is right there within the APP. Now that may not be the case for all use cases, but a lot of what we do within an application is very task oriented. We perform a task and logout.

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Canada’s Largest Credit Union Replaces FileNet Capture with EMC Captiva

The following press release went out today – Canada’s Largest Credit Union Replaces Aging Document Capture Solution with EMC Captiva. This is a good example of how businesses continue to reinvest in the latest document capture technologies to drive down costs and make processes more efficient. You can read the full case study here.

Vancity is Canada’s largest credit union, with more than $14 billion in assets and greater than 415,000 members throughout Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Squamish and Victoria in Canada.  For several years, Vancity had used FileNet for capturing and storing documents – signature cards, account opening, credit card services (applications), and other financial service offerings. 

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New EMC Momentum User Group Site Now Available on EMC.com

A new user group site is available on EMC.com that links customers to regional user groups. On this site customers can find a local user group, register, and stay connected with that group. You can access this new site by going to www.emc.com/mug.

Can’t find a group in your region? No problem. Simply choose “Start a Group” and apply to have a group started in your area. You can also choose to become a leader of a group which gives you, the customer, the opportunity to reach out to members for suggestions and help set the agenda for meetings.

Why are these groups so valuable to you?

Simply put it allows members (EMC Information Intelligence Group customers) to receive ongoing information from the group in their region. It is also a great opportunity for members to network with peers and subject-matter experts either at the group meetings or outside of the scheduled meetings.

If you are an EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) partner this is an opportunity for your company to sponsor a group meeting. This could involve presenting a joint customer case study showcasing your company’s value add to the EMC Information Intelligence technology platform. This can increase awareness of your company as an EMC Preferred Partner and showcase niche product and service offerings that enhance EMC technology solutions.

I strongly encourage EMC IIG customers and partners to check out this new user group site today. If you are located in the Boston area, there will be a user group meeting on October 11th (8:00 – 3:30 pm). We look forward to seeing you there.

Community Bank Selects EMC Captiva to Replace Kofax System

News Summary:

  • Community bank selects EMC Captiva intelligent enterprise capture for their mortgage processing application
  • Captiva enterprise capture platform will be deployed centrally and distributed, along with advanced document capture capabilities.
  • Kofax system did not meet growing business requirements for expanding capture into other banking areas (e.g. branch office capture).
  • Captiva will provide the solution for capturing documents and data to be delivered into backend IBM-FileNet content management system.

There’s an old saying “in with the new, and out with the old”. In this particular win, EMC is effectively replacing an older Kofax system that had been in place for several years.

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Reveille Software Announces Reveille Management Console for Latest Version of EMC Captiva InputAccel

Reveille Software has introduced a new release of Reveille Management Console for Captiva InputAccel 6.5. You can read the entire press release.

If you are not familiar with the Reveille solution, Reveille Management Console is the only agentless application level monitoring system for EMC Captiva InputAccel. Reveille Management Console can also monitor critical components and proceses within EMC Documentum and SourceOne. In the case of monitoring InputAccel, Reveille Management Console monitors the InputAccel components and processes, diagnoses the cause of a problem and automatically repairs it or waits for administrative approval to repair.  It takes a proactive approach to identifying problems when certain conditions arise, which enables IT to quickly fix an issue before it becomes a bigger problem later on.

New features for the Reveille Management Console for Captiva InputAccel version 6.5 include:

  • Over 25 “out of the box” scorecard metrics for InputAccel that allow organizations to track workflow process exceptions, capture transaction volumes, and capture processing exception thresholds
  • Advanced monitoring of InputAccel 6.x server performance counters
  • Over 40 “out of the box” InputAccel Specific Tests including: Check Batch Error State, Batch Hold Status, Batch Creation, Check Number / Type of Tasks, Number of Active Tasks, Check Tasks/ Batch Levels for Departments and more
  • A new, native .NET interface and expanded Captiva InputAccel Wizard supporting Captiva InputAccel 6.x, including version 6.5
  • 64-bit operating system support including support for Microsoft® Windows® 2008 R2 Server.

Reveille has been a long-time partner of Captiva, and their solution is available through EMC Select.  Imagine eliminating the manual monitor procedures, saving over $200,000 per year, and reducing trouble tickets by 80%.  This is just one example of a Captiva customer who’s using Reveille Mangement Console for Captiva InputAccel to proactively monitor instead of performing costly manual steps, receive real-time notifications in the event of a problem, and automatically diagnose and repair problems.

If you are looking for ways to proactively monitor your Captiva environment, I recommend taking a look at the latest Reveille solution. It could save you both time and money, in addition to increasing customer satisfaction internally.

Why We Need to Make Cloud Computing Easy

An article authored by Mark Lewis, chief strategy officer of the Information Infrastructure Products Business at EMC, talks about a technology free cloud. Mark puts things into perspective on why we need to make cloud computing easy and not simply view it as a technology platform.

Here’s a link to the Forbes article.

EMC Launches New Captiva Facebook Community

Check out the new  EMC Captiva Facebook community. The community was just launched and will provide a great place to get the latest information on Captiva’s intelligent enterprise capture solution offerings, as well as a place to network with customers, partners, and EMC employees.