2010 Brings a New Name and New Look

So if you have followed me over the past year, I started this blog back in late 2008.  I have to say last year was a bit of an experiment on my part. I started the blog since I wanted to experience how blogging could provide another effective source for communicating with customers, partners, and employees. What I did learn is that people like honest opinions.  Nothing I wrote about last was really all that controversial, but picking the right topics like writing about the Kofax partner survey poll, really get people talking.  What was great is I didn’t have to make it up. Someone else started the poll and I simply reported on it!

The challenge that I had in trying to frequently update my blog was time.  There is just not enough of it. But 2010 I plan to set aside a certain amount of time each week to the blog. With that said, I’m very committed to this blog and plan to push harder than ever to write about interesting topics in my area of expertise – document capture, process improvement, etc.

But one of my first order of business for this year was a new look and name.  The old blog theme did really do it for me, so I’ve changed the appearance a bit (but the content will be as good as ever). I also changed the name of my blog. “Bill’s Blog” is really not all that exciting and doesn’t mean all that much. So I’ve changed the name of my blog to “InformationCrunch”.  The topics I will write about will continue to have an angle around how companies can better capture, process, and mange the information in their company, so InformationCrunch seems to be a “better fit” to what I generally write about.  Then again, I guess anything is better than Bill’s Blog 🙂