EMC Documentum Mobile Brings Enterprise Content to the Apple iPad

For the new user of today it is all about choice computing and being able to have the same flexibility and access to enterprise content as they do with their personal information via various social media platforms. EMC Documenutm Mobile for the Apple iPad delivers just that to business users, extending the power of enterprise content management to your Apple iPad enabling you to act on that information faster than ever. EMC Documentum Mobile is now available in the Apple App Store, and users of Documentum can take advantage of it today.

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Video Showcasing Digital Archive at John F. Kennedy Library

As I discussed in my last post “Accessing a Legacy – JFK Library Digital Archives“, a new digital archive has been built for the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. It is built on EMC technology – EMC Documentum for managing the digital content, EMC Captiva for capturing content, and EMC Centera for storage. The full solution was a partnership between EMC, Iron Mountain, AT&T, and Raytheon.

The video below provides a great description of the archive and how the archive makes accessible on the web the most important papers, records, artifacts, photographs and recordings of President John F. Kennedy’s thousand days in office. The JFK presidential library’s digital archive are available across the globe at www.jfklibrary.org.

Accessing a Legacy – JFK Library Digital Archives

Here’s a nice story being reported by CNN: JFK Library goes digital. The new digital library is built on EMC technology – EMC Documentum for managing the digital content, EMC Captiva for capturing historical documents, speeches, and photographs, and EMC Centera for storage. The solution allows the library staff to digitally process materials more quickly while still providing rich metadata at a granular level.

This digital library is open to anyone and you can read more about the digital archives by going here.

I actually tried out searching the archives (to see how it works click here) by doing a simple search for “acceptance speech” which came up with search results from the speech JFK did at the Democratic Convention.

Search results from JFK digital library using the words "acceptance speech"

JFK Convention acceptance speech "The New Frontier", 15 July 1960

It is nice to see how technology can bring history to us with a simple click of the mouse (or touch of the screen if you are using your iPad, iPhone, or another  device).

Latest Forester Report Names EMC Documentum as Leader in Enterprise Content Management Market

The latest Forester Wave report is out, and Forrester Research has positioned the EMC Documentum ECM suite a Leader in the enterprise content management (ECM) market.

The report states that “EMC continues to build on its ECM suite leadership, with a broad range of capabilities and strengths in document management, document imaging and capture and records management.  The vendor continues to make significant advances with focus on development and deployment acceleration, integration enhancements to third-party applications and UI improvements.”

You can download a free copy of report from www.emc.com/forresterecm.

Key Findings from New Document Capture Survey by AIIM

A new survey from AIIM is now available on EMC.com.  The report survey polled 882 information and records management professionals, IT staff and line of business executives, looking at the issues and potential benefits of  different document capture approaches, and considers the potential Return on Investment (ROI) across various  application areas. A free copy of the report is available at: http://www.emc.com/CaptureStrategies

Some of the findings included:

  • Centralized in-house scanning and mailroom scanning are set for considerable growth compared to outsourced scanning and capture.
  • Knowledge management in the form of improved searchability of business documents is the highest driver for scanning, closely followed by compliance and business process improvement.
  • Forty-six percent of users report ROI within 12 months with two-thirds seeing returns within 18 months.

It  is safe to say that companies continue to find document capture one of the safest ECM (Enterprise Content Management) investments.

What do you think? Has your company invested in document capture? Are the benefits what you had anticipated?