Does Your Paper Process Look Like This?

Young kids have great imaginations when it comes to building things like the ultimate clubhouse, snow fort, or whatever happens to be their interest at that moment. In the process, kids come up with a vision, put a plan in place, and create a design that represents what they intend to build.  That’s exactly what two of my sons (8 and 9 years old) did one night as they described in great detail the ultimate snow fort. Below are the detailed designs of their forts right down to the tunnels, all the rooms uniquely identified (movie room, snack room, fishing shop, etc) underground hideouts, and so on.  My favorite is the fishing shop room.  By the way I only scanned one section of the design. There are 3 others sketches that make up the entire design.

A design of the ultimate snow fort.

A design of the ultimate snow fort.

If you have gone through an exercise of mapping out a before and after business process, your design documents probably look something like my two sons snow fort design.  And in the process of understanding your business process you are likely to find that paper is at the center of that particular process and touches many individuals within your organization. The reality is  paper can be a tough element to deal with in any organization.

So what to do about the paper problem? Simple, digitize and store the paper content electronically so that you can manage the content more effectively.  The other aspect that organizations can do is utilize intelligent document and data capture technology that can not only convert paper into digital content, but automatically identify documents and extract the data (machine printed text, hand printed, barcodes, check boxes) from all type of document, with little or no human intervention! What that does is eliminates steps in a business process, so that your processes are more efficient and cost effective.

In these tough economic times, reducing costs and doing more with the same or less is what many organizations want to hear.  So go find out if you have a process that looks like my two sons snow fort design.