PayItGreen Alliance

payitgreenI’ve been doing some research lately around creating a “greener” business model and came across this site –  PayItGreen. The PayItGreen Alliance  is a coalition of financial services companies, led by NACHA, that is committed to educating consumers and businesses about the positive environmental impact of choosing electronic payments, bills, and statements instead of paper.

The PayItGreen Alliance encourages consumers to turn off the paper in their financial lives – specifically, to use Direct Deposit, receive bills and financial statements electronically, and make payments electronically.

There is some interesting facts around how consumers can have a positive impact on the environment by switching to electronic payments, bills, and statements.  For example, if 20 percent of households (22,876,800 households) were to switch to electronic bills, statements, and payments, every year the collective impact would save 150,939,615 pounds of paper and 1,811,275 trees. There’s a simple financial paper footprint calculator on the Web site that calculates how much you can reduce your environmental impact by switching to electronic billing, statements and payments.