Latest Results from the Kofax Partner Satisfaction Poll

I recently checked back on the Kofax Partner Satisfaction poll that has been running on LinkedIn for the past few weeks. The latest results show 37%  “somewhat dissatisfied with Kofax” and 39% “extremely dissatisfied with Kofax”.   I went ahead and took a screenshot of the latest poll which is shown below. If you are interested in reading the comments posted, go to

kofax poll


Interesting Kofax Partner Satisfaction Poll

Check out the Kofax partner satisfaction poll that is currently running on LinkedIn.

 So far sixty-six have responded to the poll with 41% responding as being “somewhat dissatisfied with Kofax” and 37% responding as being “extremely dissatisfied with Kofax”.   

Obviously this is a small subset of Kofax partners, but it highlights not all is well within the Kofax partner community.   Good thing there are other vendor options for Kofax partners. EMC being one of them.