Los Angeles County Children’s Medical Services Streamlines Costly Paper Handling with EMC

Thousands of active patient cases, 65 remote locations, thousands of  documents each day, and hundreds of nurses, physical and occupational therapists. At Los Angeles County Children’s Medical Services (CMS) they receive on average 5,000 pages of documents from several providers via fax and mail each day – patient records, lab reports, claim forms and so on. Previously these documents were manually sorted and put into physical folders. That presented several challenges including the manual effort involved in filing paper, misfiled and lost documents.

To address these challenges, Los Angeles County Children’s Medical Services (CMS) worked with EMC consulting partner Burntsand to tackle the challenges in managing all the paper associated medical records. Using Captiva, the documents received by fax and mail are captured, identified and indexed. Once transformed into digital content, documents and data are delivered to the Documentum repository and securely stored as part of an electronic patient case folder. Practitioners and case managers are notified when new documents are online. The integrated Captiva and Documentum solution has truly created  a modern-age digital office for medical records.

In a recent AIIM Survey that polled 882 information and records management professionals, IT staff and line of business executives; improved searchability of business documents was the highest driver for scanning, closely followed by compliance and business process improvement. Another interesting data point was forty-six percent of users reported ROI within 12 months with two-thirds seeing returns within 18 months.

You can read more about the CMS story by visiting EMC.com and viewing the full press release and case study.