Launch of Capgemini Collaboration+

Here’s some interesting news I missed a few days ago. Capgemini announced the launch of Capgemini Collaboration+, an enterprise framework for delivering compliance-oriented content to collaboration portals. To read the full announcement click here.

Collaboration+ framework integrates EMC Documentum enterprise content management technologies with Microsoft SQL and SharePoint. When they say “EMC Documentum enterprise content management technologies” they are referring to EMC Documentum for enterprise content management, business process management and compliance, EMC Captiva for intelligent capture, and EMC Document Sciences for customer communications management.

With this stack of technologies from EMC along with Microsoft SQL and SharePoint organizations will be able to securely manage business processes and content, collaborate with customers, partners and employees, and ensure proper governance of information.


EMC Unveils Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge

So Momentum Europe 2010 kicked off this week and the latest news just being released was regarding a DocumentumxCP xCelerator Challenge . What is xCP? In a nutshell it is a platform for intelligent case management solutions which unites business process management, enterprise content management, document and data capture, customer communications and records management technologies.

To add to that definition, xCP  xCelerators are reusable assets that enable organizations to rapidly build and configure a Documentum xCP application. Examples of xCelerators could include sample apps, business process templates, activity templates, executable code and documentation that focuses on best practices when developing and deploying a Documentum xCP solution.  Hence the challenge around who can develop the most complete  xCelerator in terms of functionality and quality, and demonstrates real business value.

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EMC Launches New Captiva Facebook Community

Check out the new  EMC Captiva Facebook community. The community was just launched and will provide a great place to get the latest information on Captiva’s intelligent enterprise capture solution offerings, as well as a place to network with customers, partners, and EMC employees.